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A Charming Hotel in Paris

Many people want to find a charming hotel in Paris where they can feel at home.  Ladies, gentlemen, couples and families who are looking for the perfect place in which to enjoy a truly French experience.

The solution for everyone is undoubtedly provided by the Splendide Royal, a really charming hotel in Paris, right in the city centre in the well-known and very central 8th Arrondissement.  

You will find us at number 18 Rue du Cirque, a location that is calm and peaceful which is a reflection of what you will find inside the hotel itself.

Some of the features that make it a truly charming hotel are its sense of intimacy and elegance coupled with a warm welcome, excellent service and a wide range of amenities.

Everything speaks of beauty and exclusivity courtesy of a very particular and well-defined identity which complements its architectural and stylish features in a perfect location.

The Splendide Royal is actually housed in a distinguished former private residence that dates back to 1897.

Inside the hotel, you can breathe in the aura of times past and the high-class elegance of a bygone era.


In essence, all of this contributes to making this building into a really charming hotel.  

The combination of top quality service, an antique ambience, great attention to detail and the professional care of our guests enables us to offer a truly bespoke solution to every need.

Thanks to this ethos, you will be made to feel really special during your stay with us.  So, your holiday won’t simply be about staying somewhere absolutely lovely but also about being a really wonderful experience. 

This is somewhere different to everywhere else in Paris.  You can enjoy unique and exclusive moments as you feel pampered and well attended breathing in an atmosphere that is like coming home.